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I can provide as little or as much as you need.  Whether it's headshots for your profile, portraits of your children, commercial work or wedding photography. What’s paramount is tailoring my services precisely to your requirements so that I’m recording the occasion, not a part of it.

One of my latest clients had this to say about my services:

“I absolutely loved our wedding photographer for so many reasons! Our photos turned out amazing and she was incredibly fun to work with. I loved her relaxed attitude, it made everything feel effortless and stress free. She captured countless photos of real moments that I would have completely missed. In addition to being an incredible photographer, she seemed to connect with everyone and make people feel at ease. Before we were engaged we had never met and she already feels like a lifelong friend! “

Unabashedly romantic in my vision, my work specialises in capturing intimacy and nuance in and between my subjects. 

Some people laugh at wedding photography, but it allows me to professionally explore a part of photography that I love: documentation and emotion. I know it may sound cheesy but it’s such a beautiful experience for me to be there on a couple’s wedding day, capturing the beauty of their day in my own artistic way. It feels like an important and powerful thing to me, and I feel so grateful and lucky to be able to have the chance to do it.

So THANK YOU to all of the wonderful couples who have booked me to photograph their wedding!

Family photography is very dear to my heart and I make lots of effort to photograph my own family (me included!) so that generations to come can see how we lived and loved.  I love spontaneous photos and that can require some patience or a knack at providing the right set of circumstances to achieve what I envision.

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